The 'Get on and Ride' Scheme


for information and registration to GOAR please contact

On August the 1st 2012 the AQHA UK ‘Get on and Ride’ Scheme was launched

Participating members are rewarded for hours spent in the saddle on their nominated horse.

Hours are to be logged on a monthly basis on a designed Sheet and submitted to the AQHA UK.

You can participate in the scheme on your own, with a friend or with a group of people.

You do not have to own a Quarter Horse but, you do have to be an AQHA UK Member and set up a continuous membership (ie standing order). The scheme is open to all AQHA UK Members and there is no Registration Fee.

Rewards as follows:

  • 50hrs – Rosette
  • 100hrs – Rosette & picture in the AQHA-UK Journal
  • 150hrs – AQHA-UK Polo-shirt
  • 250hrs – £20 AQHA-UK Merchandise voucher
  • 500hrs – Rope Halter
  • 750hrs – One year free membership to AQHA-UK
  • 1000hrs – Montana Silversmith Belt Buckle

You can participate in the Scheme on your own, with a friend or with a group of people.

You do not have to own a Quarter Horse but, you do have to be an AQHA UK Member (and have continuous membership) Hours in the saddle can be accrued for Hacking and Trail Riding only. Hours spent in the saddle at Shows are NOT included.

If you are interested in joining the scheme then please download and fill out the registration form on our Download Forms page here and then email us at, we will then contact you with all the necessary information, and you can start filling out your log sheets!

June 2017 – Hello to all GOAR members!

Congratulations to all that achieved awards this month I was impressed by the enthusiasm for clocking the hours in the saddle – well done!

This month has been a little hectic for me as I have been away for a few weeks but I think I have caught up now. I had so many Logs to get up to date but I was so pleased that everyone is taking advantage of all the fine weather we are having (and trying to avoid the flies……).

Please let me remind you of the Weekend in the Woods that I am organising at Wideham Farm on the 25th to 27th August. It will be a great weekend of riding and socialising, and the horses love it. Please get your entries in ASAP for me to get things going. Booking form is below.

Congratulations to all the GOAR people who have achieved an award this month:

Elizabeth Curtis 50 hr Rosette

Sally Ward 50hr Rosette

Jane Wallace 100hr Rosette

Annalisa Wallace 100hr Rosette

Jane Roberts 100hr Rosette

Adeline Jones 150hr Polo Shirt

Fiona Gordon 250hr Merchandise Voucher

Leonie Wheeler 250hr Merchandise Voucher

Camilla Mascall 500hr Rope Halter

Well done every one (including me!)


Download the booking details for Weekend In The Woods here:  WIW Booking Form

AQHA UK Get On And Ride League Table

 League table info     
First NameLast NameDate registeredNo of hours submitted to dateAwardLast log date
LindsayRobinsonJan-141013hrs 12mins1000hrs Buckle19.06.16
HenriettaCampbellFeb-141010 hrs 53 mins1000hrs Buckle31.08.16
SusanThomsonJun-14887hrs 00mins500hrs Rope Halter12.03.17
PamHeightonApr-14422hrs 12mins250hrs AQHA-UK Merchandise Voucher08.10.16
CamillaMascallOct-15482hrs 00mins250hrs AQHA-UK Merchandise Voucher31.03.17
CarolBandFeb-15370hrs 28mins250hrs AQHA-UK Merchandise Voucher13.12.16
DorothyHarrisMar-14355hrs 40mins250hrs AQHA-UK Merchandise Voucher13.12.16
HeatherRonaldsonMar-14313hrs 40mins250hrs AQHA-UK Merchandise Voucher03.11.16
MaryBrayOct-14289hrs 30mins250hrs AQHA-UK Merchandise Voucher31.07.16
RebeccaHoltApr-14286hrs 27mins250hrs AQHA-UK Merchandise Voucher31.12.16
SallyRobinsonMay-13363hrs 19mins250hrs AQHA-UK Merchandise Voucher22.9.16
AnneHowkins MackayFeb-14320hrs 32mins250hrs AQHA-UK Merchandise Voucher08.02/17
PatTaylorJul-14283hrs 15mins250hrs AQHA-UK Merchandise Voucher19.12.16
SarahHadleyApr-14259hrs 26mins250hrs AQHA-UK Merchandise Voucher06.08.16
AbbyCaldwellDec-13204hrs 35mins150hrs AQHA-UK Polo Shirt13.12.16
FionaGordonAug-14231hrs 15mins150hrs AQHA-UK Polo Shirt31.03.17
JamesRobertsonApr-14192hrs 53mins150hrs AQHA-UK Polo Shirt17.08.16
DavidHeightonApr-14189hrs 10mins150hrs AQHA-UK Polo Shirt08.10.16
KayreenJonesApr-14163hrs 17mins150hrs AQHA-UK Polo Shirt23.11.15
AlisonHillApr-14222hrs 15mins150hrs AQHA-UK Polo Shirt07.03.17
SueFouldsJul-16202hrs 59mins100hrs Rosette & Journal Photo31.03.17
LeonnieWheelerMar-16162hrs 30 mins100hrs Rosette & Journal Photo13.12.16
AdelineJonesFeb-15104hrs 55mins100hrs Rosette & Journal Photo19.10.15
GillianSloanSep-14138hrs38mins100hrs Rosette & Journal Photo05.12.16
DennisStocksJan-1698hrs 45mins50hrs Rosette13.12.16
JaneWallaceSep-1592hrs 50mins50hrs Rosette01.04.17
FionaStringerAug-1572hrs 40mins50hrs Rosette02.03.17
JaneRobertsMar-1578hrs 23mins50hrs Rosette31.12.16
MelloneyMasonApr-1454hrs 30mins50hrs Rosette14.11.14
CarinHerrickOct-1453hrs 35mins50hrs Rosette03.11.15
AllisonEvansJul-1666hrs 55mins50hrs Rosette26.03.17
DebraCocklinDec-1657hrs 18mins50hrs Rosette07.02.17
AnnalisaWallaceSep-1675hrs 30mins50hrs Rosette26.03.17
WendyEvansMar-1437hrs 50mins11.06.14
MichaelRobertsMar-1656hrs 25mins50hrs Rosette31.12.16
AnitaBokischJun-1435hrs 20mins27.01.15
LucyNorris / SmithFeb-1632hrs 00mins31.07.16
LucyPostgateApr-1615hrs 25mins03.11.16
SueJeggoJul-1513hrs 48mins29.09.15
SuzanneDownhamFeb-1512hrs 45mins28.05.15
ElizabethCurtisJun-1612hrs 17mins31.07.16
JoTurtleOct-144hrs 39mins21.08.16