The American Quarter Horse

Frequently referred to as “America’s Horse” the American Quarter Horse
earned its reputation as a racing horse in colonial America and as a
cattle horse in America’s westward movement.

Probably the most versatile horse breed in the World

Today, whilst continuing to excel in both of those roles, the American Quarter Horse also excels in equestrian events ranging from polo to jumping and from western pleasure classes to the FEI western discipline of Reining.

Why the Quarter Horse?

It’s the fastest horse in the world over a quarter of a mile!

Nothing can match its explosive burst of speed over short distances

It is still used extensively on ranches and, in the world of racing, there is still nothing that can match its explosive burst of speed over short distances. Yet it matches all this with a hardiness and wonderful temperament second to none with a willingness to please that has made it a prodigious show ring performer and a sturdy and reliable recreational riding horse. No other breed has such versatility and such temperament and there can be no better equine athlete, competitor and friend. No wonder its popularity has dwarfed that of other breeds.

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