The June Survey regarding the Breed Show results are here as a pdf download.  This also contains all the answers to the social media discussion that followed the publication of the survey.

If you have further questions or comments please send them to council, as opposed to putting them on social media where they are unlikely to be answered due to time constraints.

Many thanks for taking part and contributing to the debate.

Survey and Discussion Results 2019

This survey closed on the 12th June 2019.  

Thank you to all those that took part, the results will be published very soon, after the next Council meeting.

In the meantime, if you missed the opportunity to have your say then please email the Chair at any time with comments and/or suggestions. Thank you




Survey for Breed/Championship Show venues.

Please read the questions carefully and make sure you have your member number in order to validate all answers.

There is an opportunity on the form for you to have your say as well.


2019 Members' Survey

  • Please insert your member number here. Non-members' views will be disregarded for the purpose of this survey.
    Please enter a number from 100 to 7000.
  • The annual show costs the AQHA UK a considerable amount of money to put on each year. Funding from the US has dropped drastically, and it is also becoming increasingly difficult to source adequate sponsorship. The members have been promised a survey to find out where they want the Breed Show to be held, however, if the most expensive option is chosen, it may be that Council has no option but to choose a cheaper venue. You might think this is unfair, and that Council are ignoring you, however finances are difficult and it is with this in mind that the best option for the Association may not be the members' vote. Do you agree with this?
  • You may write an additional comment here about the costs and choices. All comments will be reviewed and discussed at the next Council meeting, but it may be that you will not be answered personally. Council reserves the right to publish, without acknowledging names, any comments that would be of interest to the membership. This is the only optional field.
  • Do you want the Breed/Championship Show to be at the same venue every year?
  • Please select which Arena in your opinion should always be the venue for the Breed/Championship Show.
  • Do you think the Breed/Championship Show should rotate between venues?
  • Please select your options for venues on a rotation scheme. You may choose two or three depending upon your preferences.
  • Would you like to be asked again in two years about the choices of venues?