All Members,

At our AGM recently we discussed the problem with running affiliated shows and events in the UK because of the shortage of qualified show staff.

To run an AQHA show in the UK we need one of the Show Manager, or Show Secretary, to be on the AQHA Certified Show Management list.

In the UK we only have two such qualified individuals and if a show must look outside the UK, then the costs have to go up, which is not desirable.

At the AGM we asked for people to step forward, to take the training and help us build a group of qualified people, not least because if we can have two at a show it makes the job much less onerous.  AQHA-UK is planning to develop a support programme for people willing to volunteer to attend the AQHA Show Management Seminar and become certified and manage some shows

Sadly, we have just seen the Sherwood Circuit announce that they are no longer planning to offer AQHA classes at their shows. We don’t know all the reasons, but lack of appropriately qualified show staff is undoubtedly a contributory factor.

Once again if anyone is interested in working as a Show Secretary/Manager please contact nick@aqha-uk.orgor and we will work with you to try and make this possible.