We are pleased to announce that we are now affiliated to The Showing Council (SC) and as such we are listed as members on their website:  


On the website its states:

“The Showing Council represents an amalgamation of key showing bodies which came into being under the direction and guidance of Graham Suggett and Jan Rogers from the British Equine Federation (B.E.F.).

Its aim was to:

Discuss, agree and advance (through the B.E.F. and other bodies) policies advantageous and beneficial to its members’ interests, primarily in respect of showing, and achieve official recognition of this sport (similar to that afforded to other disciplines) and to bring about voluntary co-operation between its members.” 

AQHA.UK membership brings with it affiliation to the B.E.F and access to their policies, advice and support on a wide range of related subjects, such as those concerned with Safeguarding and Child Protection and Safety Hat Standards.  Recently we have been pleased to take advantage of an offer from their Safeguarding Officer to train all Council members in this important aspect of our work and this will be taking place as soon as it can be arranged.   

In future when applying for grants and donations we will also be able to use our B.E.F. affiliate status to support and verify to our applications for funding.  The information exchange is not all one way though and AQHA.UK have already contributed to SC processes and knowledge.  At the last meeting Ruth O’Reilly shared information about the effects of GDPR upon our Association which SC members found very interesting, useful and applicable to their own groups and members.  Recently we have also contributed to their survey of member bodies concerning the welfare of horses and ponies at events and shows with a view to producing a new policy statement. 

We also discussed the various “rule books” of the 14 different member groups making up the SC and it will not be a surprise to our members that they were quite taken aback with the size and complexity of the AQHA rule book! 

We hope that by joining the SC we will also share with the other member groups the good news about our versatile and athletic Quarter Horses, our western and English riding and our various classes at different shows.  We have made many new friends who wish to learn more about AQHA.UK and AQHA, our shows and, most of all, about our beautiful QHs.  

We have invited members of the SC to join us at the forthcoming Breed Show and they are looking forward to meeting our members and enjoying what will be for many of them their first experience of western riding disciplines.