Sheila belonged to the BQHA and then went on to join the AQHA UK. She began with a part-bred quarter horse but quickly realised at the shows that she wanted pure bred horses. Over the years she has had a variety of roles on Council, including Chairman for two years, culminating as Youth Director when the team went to Australia and had such great success, which she describes it as ‘one of her proudest moments’. Sheila says that her proudest achievements with her quarter horses as been the breeding of excellent young stock that have gone on to become amongst the highest point scoring horses in the AQHA shows. Arabis King Bee is one of them, owned by Evelyn Dash. Her personal showing success was with Call Me Oldfashioned who introduced her to winning! Then came Oh Miss Rodder on who she became the first recipient of the Superhorse award. The last show horse was the delightful Cruisins in Fashion who is now in a home for life and loving it.  Sheila’s years of service to the Association and to the Breed is to be admired and honoured. She has shown dedication, loyalty and constancy and the Council are delighted to see her honoured in the Hall of Fame. Thank you Sheila for your continued interest and past achievements and work.