David Teideman – 2017


David has become synonymous with the AQHA UK; he is still an active member and always willing to give help and support to members and Council alike.  Over the many years he has helped the Association grow from strength to strength and has been truly dedicated in every way.  He is so well known throughout the membership and still attends shows and events to meet friends and colleagues and give his time and encouragement.  Here is his story in his own words:

Jackie, my wife, and I started with race horses back in 1987 and brought our mare with us when we moved to Derbyshire, where we started breeding Partbreds with the Stallion owned by Pay Dyke. During this time Pat kept on to me about attending a Quarter Horse show and my reaction was that I am not into this Cowboy & Indian malarkey. After much harassment from Pat I attended my first Quarter Horse show at Grantham and was hooked on the Quarter Horse. I brought my First Quarter Horse in 1994, Silversox Skipkeo, and the rest as they say, is history. 

We showed her in France as a Yearling where she went Grand Champion and she went on to the Euros as a three year old coming 4th under 4 judges in the Aged Mare class. In 1998 she achieved International Hi Point becoming 10th in the world. (An achievement of which we are very proud).  In 2000 she won her Superior Award, the first British bred mare to do so here in the UK and winning 19 grand champion Halter mare classes. At that time she was retired and as a brood mare produced some show winners. Jays Dene which we bred carried on the winning format winning 48 Grand champion mare classes and again going Superior in 2014. Also during this time we have bred 17 horses most have gone on to become champions.

Another one of my proudest moments back in 1998/1999 was when I confronted the then BAQHA Chairman Bill Archer And Richard Burns Chair of AQHA UK and convinced then that the way forward was to join the two organisations together to enable us to be a stronger. This was achieved and in 2001 I joined Council. In 2003 I became Vice Chair and in 2006 I was elected as Chairman of AQHA UK. It was another very proud moment. I must say though that I was very lucky to have a fantastic team of people working with me. We all had our jobs which we carried out to a very high level. In the early days I learnt a lot from these guys, like Bill Archer Iain Macintyre, Pat Dyke, Sarah Nutt and  John Hall. I was Chair for 7 years and also International & European Director, and I like to think I built a good relationship with our American And European Colleagues alike.

I would like the present AQHA UK to continue to grow stronger and I wish you the very best.

        David W Teideman