The AQHA-UK Issuing Body   

AQHA-UK is an Issuing Body (IB) registered by the Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) a United Kingdom Government Department.  We have been issuing identity document since it became mandatory in the 1980’s. Much has changed since their introduction and legislation and regulation has become a vast task that we must manage to continue to issue identity document for our American Quarter Horse Studbooks in the UK. No studbook receives Government funding to support IB status. 

As an IB we have legal responsibility to act within the law and with this comes the responsibility to retain our IB status to serve our breeders and owners. In the last three years there has been tremendous change in equine identification, animal movement, minimum operating standards and general data protection regulations and we have kept abreast of these changes. To manage the ever changing environment we moved to a web based database system in 2018 and are now working with Equiventus Ltd who provide the excellent software and print our identity document. Our software uploads to the Government Central Equine Database (CED) and Digital Stable every 24 hours as we are required to do by law along with all IB’s in the United Kingdom and across Europe. 

Please do take the time to read all of the pages and understand what your responsibilities are as a horse owner, breeder or yard owner. We do not wish to see our horse owners penalised for acting outside of the law: the website information has been provided to assist you to get it right and avoid fines.

We continue to retain our identity document office as well as the email and telephone helpline to support any identity document related queries which are supported by volunteers. Please do read all the latest information on this page and familiarise yourself with the paperwork and processes before contacting us, and always include your horse registered name. By doing so we are better able to support your query.

Please be aware that for 2020 all of our forms have been updated to reflect the changes, please therefore use the new forms for all transactions and remove old forms from the rear of identity document.

One final point. Please do not send biological materials in your horses identity document. They maybe sentimental you but may pose a health risk to us.

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How to contact us:

Thank you for contacting AQHA-UK. Our email addresses have changed. Can you please direct all passport related matters including transfers and registrations to 

Our website passport information has been updated and provides all the information required on passport matters – see below. Please always refer to the website before contacting. Please also familiarise yourself with the paperwork, processes and legal responsibilities for managing your horse your as an owner or breeder  

All other enquiries to:



Helpline: 07544 262747 – Mon – Friday 10am to 4pm 

Important information

In the light of the circumstances concerning COVID – 19 we put into place measures to protect our Registrar. We can confirm that we are lifting these measures with immediate effect. Although you should still continue to clean the passport with anti-bacterial / viral wipes before mailing. All mail will be opened 3 days after receipt. 

Please note that we have new forms for each transaction and the instructions are on the top of each form.

The current postal address for all passport related business is:

AQHA-UK Registrar, 41 North Street, Osbournby, Sleaford, Lincs NG34 0DR. (This is not an office and therefore is for postal communication only)