AQHA UK Hall of Fame

Previous winners of this prestigious award!

Pat Dyke 2015 

Pat Dyke joined the AQHA UK in 1980, as one of the original members of the Association she said that “we put money in to set it all up and were given Life Memberships in return”.  Pat joined initially to ride Hyline Gentry who was a owned by Joy Richards and was a very well known Quarter Horse at the time.  As well as being a Council member until a few years ago she was still actively producing and showing.  Her proudest achievement within the Association was the successful production of Zero Depth Charge (Charger) and his son Zero Skipkeo on the show circuit.  Pat spent 32 years on Council, in various roles including Company Secretary, Registration Officer and Treasurer for 16 years.  Pat’s dedication to the Association is still very keen, and she attends the AGM’s where she continues to play an active role demonstrating her continued loyalty and commitment. She has given many years of service to the AQHA UK and countless hours over that time, and the Council are very grateful not only for her service in the past beer devotedness to the Association and as such, the membership at large.  Thank you Pat – it has been a pleasure to work with you and we look forward to seeing you the events around the country.

Sheila Fitzpatrick 2015 

Sheila belonged to the BQHA and then went on to join the AQHA UK. She began with a part-bred quarter horse but quickly realised at the shows that she wanted pure bred horses. Over the years she has had a variety of roles on Council, including Chairman for two years, culminating as Youth Director when the team went to Australia and had such great success, which she describes it as ‘one of her proudest moments’. Sheila says that her proudest achievements with her quarter horses as been the breeding of excellent young stock that have gone on to become amongst the highest point scoring horses in the AQHA shows. Arabis King Bee is one of them, owned by Evelyn Dash. Her personal showing success was with Call Me Oldfashioned who introduced her to winning! Then came Oh Miss Rodder on who she became the first recipient of the Superhorse award. The last show horse was the delightful Cruisins in Fashion who is now in a home for life and loving it.  Sheila’s years of service to the Association and to the Breed is to be admired and honoured. She has shown dedication, loyalty and constancy and the Council are delighted to see her honoured in the Hall of Fame. Thank you Sheila for your continued interest and past achievements and work.

Priscilla Leigh  2014

Priscilla’s first encounter with Quarter Horses was when Ed Ivory brought two stallions into the US, en route to Australia, for a year.  He searched for two pure bred mares which were hard to find in the early 1970’s, and Jean Darr, and Ginger of Dunbar, aka Pampas.  Priscilla was able to ride the horses in a western saddle in the New Forest, saying that Pampas was a lovely ride, very responsive.  She  bred her TB X mare to one of the stallions, and states that the part-bred horses are very good horses indeed.  Ed stayed longer in the UK and helped to promote the breed, appearing on national television on three occasions. She says “we gave demonstrations at the Christmas Show in Long, cattle cutting and barrel racing, and at the Bath and West show, cattle cutting and a musical ride.  And also paraded at the East of England Show twice.”  Priscilla was a founder member of the team that formed the Breed Association helping it to become affiliated to the US and they invited to the US Embassy  to be graciously entertained. She remained a Council member for many years and worked hard to promote the breed on behalf of stallion owners and breeders. She now owns Pampas’ great grandaughters.  Council would like to thank Priscilla for her dedication to the breed, her help in promoting it across the country and her years working for the Association.  Her continued support of the Association and the Quarter Horse is very much appreciated.

Sarah Nutt  2014

Sarah Nutt became involved with American Quarter Horses in the early 1970’s, with her first full quarter horse mare Ready Joella, imported from the USA. She became a founder member of the BQHA and helped set up the registry with approval of the Ministry of Agriculture; at this time achieving Charitable status as well. The Breed Show was set up then as the showcase for the Quarter Horse in the UK, with class for both pure and partbreds, and judges provided by the AQHA. Sarah says that in those days her daughter Emily and David Deptford were the ‘Youth’ riders and competed on level terms with the adults frequently beating them in competitions!   One of her most memorable occasions was putting a team of Quarter Horses with American riders together to tour the County shows one summer. It took a year to set up, and find horses and riders, and she had the unenviable task of being road manager. Sarah arranged the importation of the horses, towed the tack wagon and looked after everyone. It was judged a great success in promoting the breed, and all of the imported horses found new homes in the UK. Over the years Sarah has served as committee member, Secretary, Treasurer, Chairman, International Director and is now happy to be a member with happy memories of horses, shows and friendships. Council would like to thank Sarah not only for her long years of dedicated service, but also her continued interest especially attending the AGM’s which is much appreciated.

Future Winners

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