You will probably have already heard that there is a confirmed outsbreak of EVA at a stud in Dorset. To ensure that everyone has the correct biosecurity procedures in place the BEF has just posted the following announcement on the news page of its web site:

The British Equestrian Federation (BEF) notes the recent positive cases of Equine Viral Arteritis that have been diagnosed in 2 non-thoroughbred stallions at a premises in Dorset.

The BEF will monitor this situation closely and it is important to note that there is no threat to public health.

The UK’s Chief Veterinary Officer has confirmed that restrictions on breeding have been put in place to limit the risk of the disease spreading. An investigation is now underway to determine the source and possible spread of the infection.

Equine owners can help prevent the disease spreading by following best practicein horse health and hygiene on their premises. Owners of mares and stallions are also urged to have their animals tested before they are used for breeding.