Many people have been asking recently about the status of the European Amateur and Youth Team Cup event scheduled to be held next year.  Whilst at the beginning of the year the event seemed to be organisationally well underway it has become increasingly difficult for affiliates to gain definite information, most significantly relating to costs.  At a recent FEQHA meeting these problems were discussed and affiliates were made aware that due to issues between the organising affiliate NQHA and the venue at Someren in the Netherlands, as yet no contract has been agreed or signed.  It was challenged as to whether an alternative venue/affiliate should be approached to run the event in order to ensure it does go ahead. Following further contact with NQHA they have confirmed that the event is still viable and that the venue is provisionally booked for 12th-14thJuly 2019.  The decision was then taken that it would be more beneficial for FEQHA to take over the contract negotiations directly with the venue and so we need to await the outcome of these discussions.

Please be assured that AQHA-UK do want to send an Amateur team should the event go ahead as it was such a great event for the UK in 2017.  We hope our members understand that the Association feels it is unfair to ask you to commit your valuable time and money in preparing for this event at such a time when we cannot provide you with definitive information.  It may be that the selection process will have to be short and based on experience, show results and CVs dependent upon when we receive further details.  We have a list of interested riders from previous advertising but please don’t hesitate to send us your contact information if you wish to be added to the list. 

Youth members may also take part in this event as individuals or as a team if there are sufficient numbers.  Please note that since AQHA-UK financially support the Youth World Cup every other year, allcosts of competing at the European Team Cup for youth riders would be entirely at their own expense, including the entry fees, and as with the amateurs all potential riders would be subject to an application process.

AQHA-UK is currently looking at the possibilities of organising combined Amateur and Youth clinics each year for those members who wish to be considered for selection to future teams, both the European Amateur and Youth Team Cup and the Youth World Cup.

I thank you for your understanding.

Lucy Adams, AQHA-UK International Director