DEFRA Survey Communication

 DEFRA have opened a survey to determine views on Equine Identification and Traceability in the UK. The survey closes 28th June this year.

We would urge all members to complete the survey as they see fit. In addition, AQHA-UK plan to prepare a ‘corporate’ response. If you would like your views to be reflected in this response, please email me at using DEFRA Survey in the header.

AQHA-UK support the intention to improve recording and maintenance of equine health and location and will be responding accordingly.

However, we are also responsible for maintaining the AQHA UK Daughter stud book and are a Passport Issuing Office for the American Quarter Horse in the UK. We believe there is a risk to the integrity of both, where information would be shared or updated by others. These risks can be mitigated by developing robust systems but they are not present at the moment – again we plan to respond accordingly.

Survey – Click here