Important AQHA-UK Passport Information
Corona Virus COVID – 19 
Dear All
In the light of the circumstances concerning COVID – 19 we are putting into place safe practices to protect our Registrar. These measures will be put in place with immediate effect and will  support isolation, social distancing and and reduce unnecessary travel. 
Transfers of Ownership 
•DO NOT mail your passport
•Check you have the latest transfer form. We now have two and a declaration for non-continuous ownership
•Email the completed transfer of ownership form to
•You will receive an emailed letter to confirm the transfer on the Central Equine Database. Keep this with your passport
•When it is safe to do so we will email you to post your passport in for update
•Please still pay the postage fee. Recorded delivery is included
•The forms have changed. We have 3 registration applications for specific sections of the studbook. Please check which on you need. 
•Your RCVS registered Vet must complete pages 2 & 3. You complete the rest
•Email all the paperwork that is required for your registration application to 
•The details of the paperwork required are noted on each form . 
•ALL must be clear good copy in pdf format with the exception of certificates. Please see the instruction on the forms
•When it is safe to do so we will require you to mail in the original registration application and the covering certificate (if applicable to your application)
•Please still pay the postage fee. Unfortunately due to the circumstances our passport printer are now having to use a courier service to deliver passports. The cost of this is £11.58 per passport. We are sorry that we have to pass this cost to you and our normal pricing will resume as soon as possible.
Zootechic Upgrades
Will not be available during this time. You can request a zootechnic certificate and this will be mailed to you. The service will resume when it is safe to do so.
All other passport transactions:
Please email for advice.
All mail sent to the office during the next two weeks will be mailed to us and we will endeavour too manage these although there will be a delay. 
All passport related forms on the website are currently being updated and will be available from mid April 2020
Thank you for your assistance at this time and please share this with other American Quarter Horse owners and breeders. 
Keep safe everyone.