Good Evening,

I want to wish you all a joyous New Year’s Eve, shared with those you care about, where possible, and safe, whatever your circumstances.

The years 2020 and 2021 are years many of us do not want to dwell on, most of us have lost friends and family prematurely, my heartfelt condolences to any of you who have.

I want to look forward to 2022 with hope. We are working hard to develop a great programme of events for next year, Clinics, shows and the GOAR scheme. I look forward to these being finalised over the next few months and being able to meet you in person during the year.

Looking forward, this, is a time to make resolutions regarding what we are going to do during 2022.

Over the years I have made many resolutions, give up chocolate and alcohol – again and again. More exercise, eat cleaner or listen to my trainer more (sorry Tammy), but then again, I didn’t do so well last year, or the previous ten years! I might do any of these again, but I have a new resolution this year:

To try use my energy and whatever skill I have, to support the continued development of AQHA-UK, supporting the Quarter Horse and our members in the UK .

While I support our mission, in its entirety (Mission AQHA-UK ), I plan to concentrate my efforts on generating growth in membership, educational programmes for all, and youth development.

I have been, and know I will be, ably supported by our council and volunteers who have my undying thanks.

We are a membership organisation, and I would like to ask you all, please make one resolution, supporting AQHA-UK’s mission, and work with us to support our Association.

If you are a member thank you, if you are not, please consider joining (Join Here). This is the ideal time to join or renew your membership!

Happy New Year and have a successful 2022.