Please note that the Hard Hat rules have been updated:  

All Youth members age 18 and under must wear a hard hat at all times when riding and handling horses at AQHA UK events.

2018 AQHA UK Youth Team.  Photo: Emmelleff Photography




Watch the official Facebook page video from the Youth World Cup 2018 here:


2018 AQHA Youth World Cup

Lights, camera, action! Explore the 2018 AQHA Youth World Cup in our 4th video of the 2018 Summer Event Series. Ride alongside athletes from the 19 competing nations in this one of a kind event, hosted here in #BCSTX!

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Fundraising for the Youth Squad

Did you know that whenever you buy anything online – from your weekly shop to your annual holiday – you could be collecting free donations for the AQHA UK Youth Fund? There are over 3,000 shops and sites on board ready to make a donation, including Amazon, John Lewis, Aviva, thetrainline and Sainsbury’s – it doesn’t cost you a penny extra!

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…

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2. Every time you shop online, go to easyfundraising first to find the site you want and start shopping.

3. After you’ve checked out, that retailer will make a donation to your good cause for no extra cost whatsoever There are no catches or hidden charges and AQHA UK Youth Fund will be really grateful for your donations.

Thank you for your support

THANK YOU to all our Sponsors of the 2018 Youth World Cup Team!

AQHA UK would like to thank all the sponsors who responded to the article about our Youth Team in the Equestrian Trade News earlier this year. The seven teenagers pictured will be heading to Texas at the end of June to compete against 18 other countries in the AQHA Youth World Cup 2018. They will ride in a number of disciplines, both western and English, on American Quarter Horses provided by the host nation. They have coaching and clinics from top US and International trainers in the run up to the competition, using that time to get to know their horses, before taking on the rest of the world!

We have followed up a number of exciting offers and are pleased to say that this team will be flying the flag for a number of UK and international companies.

Ariat Europe will be supplying their FEI team polos, light weight jackets and western boots. In addition, some of the riders competing in the English classes will be sporting the Ariat Heritage Field boots, breeches and show jackets. Our thanks to Melanie Selman.

The polos and jackets are currently with Staroak Designs Ltd (Penny Connah) who will be printing these up with our AQHA UK logo, names and ‘Youth World Cup 2018’. Staroak will be sponsoring the team caps to match the Ariat kit with some added bling for the girls.

Shires Equestrian have supplied each team rider with a fantastic set of luggage which includes the Team Shires holdalls, hat bags, grooming kit bags and garment bag. Thank you to Chairman Malcolm Ainge.

Teamrider will be supplying a red, long sleeved shirts which will be embroidered and used at the opening and closing ceremonies. Many thanks to Linda Titherley for all her help.

The team from The Riding Habit met up with our youth team at the Fenland Show to measure up and fit Uvex lightweight helmets. Many thanks to Lucia and Jamie Wilson.

Thank you to LG Leatherworks who have provided the Team with gorgeous premium black leather belts.

Belvoir Rug Company are making up 7 of their ‘Honsie’ rugs. These lightweight rugs which include a hood will keep the show horses clean in the run up to the competition and work well even in hotter climates. Director Richard Ellis is arranging for the rugs to be made up in suitable UK colours.

We would like to say a huge thank you to top US designer Kevin Garcia. Our Youth Team will be wearing show apparel at the AQHA Youth World Cup 2018 by Kevin Garcia. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Kevin Garcia has been in the show world for over 25 years and has designed some unique and stunning outfits for the show pen for everyone from Small Fry to World Champion winners. Watch this space to see how our Youth Riders will sparkle!

British Airways have also agreed to waive excess baggage allowances so we can take all the extra kit we need, including all the kit provided by the above sponsors.

We would also like to thank emmelleff equestrian photography for their great photo of our team.

So, a HUGE THANK YOU for all your help and we wish the Youth Team the very best of luck in Texas.

Sandra Loder 

Youth Director AQHA UK

Youth Team – FAQ’s on funding and other matters

Just for your information on the Youth Team Funding – as we’ve had some members asking……..

1 How is the team selected?

Participants go through a rigorous selection process in which they must attend training clinics and shows, before the selection weekend, to ensure they are not only a good rider but that they are dedicated and willing to take part. They must take part in fundraising events for the both the squad and also for themselves.  Selection is also about character and whether they are a good team player. The final selection is done by the appointed coach (usually from out with the UK) to ensure fairness and to ensure there are no conflicts of interest. Following the final team selection all team members, including reserves, are then required to continually provide regular videos of their riding to the coach in preparation for selection for different disciplines.

2 Do the squad members have to own their own horses?

While not essential, it is easier if riders have their own horses or can arrange access to ones that can be used for training and shows. Many of the UK show circuits have unaffiliated/non-quarter horse classes so there is the opportunity to compete if they do not have a pure or part bred quarter horse. On certain occasions, and where it can be organised, they will be required to ride unknown horses as at the YWC they will be using 5 horses drawn from the pool provided. It is therefore essential that all members are seen to work with as many different horses as they possibly can and they may be asked to swap horses at training clinics. It is an inclusive selection process and we invite any youth rider to come forward, regardless of whether they own horses or just have lessons on a school horse.

3 What do the Youth members and their families have to pay?

They must pay for (the list is long);

3.1 Getting to and from clinics and shows across the country

3.2 Accommodation at clinics and shows

3.3 Clinics and selection classes, this includes costs for food, venue hire, clinician expenses, stabling – although in some cases these may be donated or sponsored

3.4 Team uniform – both formal and barn clothing

3.5 Show attire – both western and hunter show attire for those requiring it

3.6 All travel costs to the YWC for themselves and their family members. They are also required to pay for their accommodation and any other expenses while sightseeing or on a stop-over.

3.7 Everyone travelling to a competition is responsible for ensuring that they have adequate travel insurance – and it is not sufficient to have holiday cover. They must have a specific insurance from specialist brokers.

3.8 All costs and expenses incurred in the hire of the coach, for both the YWC and any coaching/selection taking place in the UK prior to the actual event.

4 What does the AQHA UK pay?

4.1 The Association pays a proportion of the entry fees from the Youth Fund to AQHA for the YWC. This covers the competition entry fees, accommodation, food and excursions for the members, coach, manager and mentor for the duration of the entire event. The proportion is decided by council and aims to cover the basic entry for a 5 member team along with the coach, manager and mentor. This can vary depending on AQHA UK’s other commitments. In the event that it cannot cover the full entry fee then the balance will be split equally between the parents/guardians of those taking part.

4.2 The expenses for the Manager and Mentor are met by the parents/guardians taking part other than the proportion of any entry fee that AQHA UK can cover.

5 Why does the AQHA UK send a team?

5.1 It is partly to do with our funding from AQHA and what the AQHA expects of its Affiliates

5.2 The Association has always seen it as an essential part of encouraging young people into the organisation.  We need growth for AQHA UK and the youth riders of today are tomorrow’s top competitors and trainers, for example, Lucy Adams, Tammy Greaves, Lee Rutter, Jess March, Rhia Tapper, Andrew Plant, Chris Dalton and Alan Payne are all now trainers in their own right and Josh Collins, Luke Phillimore, Avril Wilson, Jessie Leach, Betty Edwards, Jessica Sternberg and Zoe Collins are leading Amateur riders


We rely on volunteers, on and off the Council, to help arrange all of the above. Any funding raised specifically for the Youth goes into the Youth Fund to help pay for the entry fees. Any surplus goes to the Squad to help towards all the costs thus bringing down the total required to be paid by each individual involved.

We hope that answers any questions – if you require any further information about the Youth Fund or team then please email us at

Youth World Cup 2016 & 2018

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