AQHA-UK Council

AQHA-UK Championship Show 2022

 On behalf of all our members I would like to thank Leigh Cheetham for organising the 2021 show and our previous three shows.

For business reasons Leigh is not able to organise the next show in 2022, however while she cannot take on the role of organiser, she has promised she will be available to advise whoever does.

We are now looking for a volunteer to organise the 2022 show.  We would ideally like this volunteer to join council and provide a wider support to the quarter horse community, but if there is someone happy to organise the show, who does not wish to take on the wider council role, we would identify a member of council as liaison to assist with any decision-making processes.

There are a number of key areas of activity involved in the organising of the show, some of these have already been resolved for 2022:

  1. Identifying and agreeing location and dates.
    1. Ongoing liaison with venue over all show details, stables, catering etc.
  2. Judges and scribes
    1. Identifying suitable judges and agreeing contract details.
    2. Travel arrangements and accommodation including requirements for the wider show team.
  3. Identifying and contracting a suitably qualified Show Team i.e. Show Manager and Secretary, announcer and volunteers for gate, rosettes etc.
  4. Preparing a Show Schedule and appropriate Patterns needed for the classes scheduled.
  5. Managing costs to ensure budgetary control.
  6. Managing social media and any other media required to ensure all details are up to date and publicly available.
  7. Preparing Sponsorship Opportunities, obtaining Sponsors and managing the needs of the same.
  8. Purchasing the required trophies, buckles and rosettes.
  9. Manage the Championship Show Class Qualification Process
  10. Arranging for suitable photography to ensure AQHA-UK have Championship Presentation Photographs for the Journal
  11. Designing, writing, and printing show programme

If there are any members who while not able to volunteer to organise the show but would possibly like to take on one area of activity above that may also be a great help. The more that this can be a team effort the better for all involved.

For 2022 the venue identification has already taken place (Oakridge Arena) and a few of the other roles have been sorted.

If you are interested and wish to know more, please contact