Following an AQHA UK Council meeting on Wednesday 4th October and after lengthy discussion, AQHA UK will be renting office space at Holme Farm, Swinderby Road, Collingham, Newark on the completion of a one year lease.

 The increase in the many legal liabilities and other obligations which an association such as AQHA UK, both as a limited company and registered charity, now needs to comply with, along with the increased workload associated with the issue of equine passports, mean that we need to operate on a better business footing. By using a small serviced office with all the appropriate facilities we can comply fully with all of our legal obligations and it can be better accessed by the paid and volunteer staff who assist with issuing passports and general administration on a daily basis.

 Several options, locations and costings have all been carefully considered over the last 5 months and Council agreed that this would the most cost effective solution at this time. Depending on the completion of an appropriate lease it is hoped that the administration team will move by the end of the year. 

 The address for correspondence will remain unchanged until further notice.