Futurity Fees and Forms

Welcome to the Futurity Scheme! 

Please read the rules at the foot of this page.

You can download a form and pay using BACS, Paypal or a Cheque.

  • Weanling Year to 2 year old  – £50
  • 3 year old – 5 year old – £100

Send enrolment forms to:

AQHA UK, Oakridge Arena, Swinderby Road, Collingham, Newark, NG23 7NZ

Email AQHA UK: info@aqha.uk.com

Send Transfer forms and all Futurity enquiries to: 

Sandra Mitchell, Woodrush, 219 Creek Road, March, PE15 8RY

Email Sandra:  mitchells39@googlemail.com

Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey

owned and shown by Jayne Lerwill

Debbie Burns' Lady Sudden

Debbie Burns' Lady Sudden

ridden by Tammy Greaves

Jane Wallace's Make Me Invited

Jane Wallace's Make Me Invited

ridden by Jess March

Sally Payne's Hot Stepping Leaguer

Sally Payne's Hot Stepping Leaguer

ridden by Alan Payne


Upload and Submit Your Futurity Registration

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Futurity Registration Form

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New Rulings Shown In Italics

1. Purpose Of The Scheme

1.1. The purpose of the scheme is to promote the Quarter Horse and membership of the Association through competition and significant prize purses.

1.2. All horses must comply with AQHA registration requirements and be registered with AQHA-UK.

1.3. Once enrolled a horse will be eligible for all classes but to show the owner and exhibitor must be current members of AQHA-UK.

1.4. Enrolment stays with the horse and is transferred to the new owners if sold.

1.5. With Leased or Loaned horse/s the registration will remain with the registered owner as per the records held by the AQHA-UK Futurity Register. A copy of the Lease or Loan Agreement must be lodged with the Futurity Coordinator prior to any competition.

2. Futurity/Maturity Classes

2.1. The following Futurity Scheme classes will be offered at the annual AQHA-UK Breed/Championship Show:-

Stallions Halter: Weanlings, Yearlings, 2yo, 3yo, 

Geldings Halter: Weanlings, Yearlings, 2yo, 3yo, 

Mares Halter: Weanlings, Yearlings, 2yo, 3yo, 

2yo and 3yo Lunge Line – Open

4yo – 5yo Trail – Open

4yo – 5yo Western Pleasure – Open*

4yo – 5yo Hunter Under Saddle – Open

4yo – 5yo Reining – Open

4yo – 5yo Ranch Riding – Open*

*No restrictions on horses showing in both Western Pleasure and Ranch Riding

2.2. Each class shall benefit from a prize purse made up of a payback element of the entry fees plus a proportion from the Futurity fund built up from enrolment fees and sponsorship monies donated by one or more sponsors. Sponsorship should be distributed evenly across all classes obliged to be held during that current year unless Sponsors specifically request differently at the time of agreeing to provide monies.

2.3. The Triple Crown Champion Award

To Win this Award the following applies:-

Horses must be registered on the Scheme

Riders must also be members of AQHA UK

It is mandatory that horses must compete in a minimum of 3 of the 5 ridden Futurity Classes to be eligible.

Points will be awarded for following placings irrespective of the number of entries in a class:-

1st – 5 Points, 2nd – 4 Points, 3rd – 3 Points, 4th – 2 Points, 5th – 1 Point

The Award be will be given to the horse with the most points won. 

The same horse may be exhibited by different riders.

In the event of a tiebreak situation the following will be applied:

1st Tiebreak – Horse earning points in the greatest number of events

2nd Tiebreak – Horse winning over the greatest number of horses

3rd Tiebreak – Horse with the most 1st Placings

4th Tiebreak – Horse with the highest score in scored classes (Trail, Ranch Riding, Reining)

2.4 Maturity Classes

The following Maturity Classes will be offered at the annual AQHA-UK Breed/Championship


6yo and Over Trail

6yo and Over Western Pleasure

6yo and Over Hunter Under Saddle

6yo and Over Reining

6yo and Over Ranch Riding

To be eligible to compete in the above classes the following will apply:-

Horses must have been registered on the Futurity Scheme when aged 5 or under.

Riders/Competitors and or Owners must be current members of AQHAUK

Entry Fees shall be the same as any Futurity Class.

Each class shall benefit from a prize purse made up of a payback element of the entry fees only.

3. Enrolment

3.1. Horses can be enrolled in the AQHA-UK Futurity Scheme at any time up until the end of their 5th year of age, generally the earlier a horse is enrolled and paid into the scheme the cheaper it is. Waiting until the potential of the horse emerges incurs an increased cost.  Enrolment fees are to be set annually by the AQHA –UK Council in order to reflect current market values and costs related to running the scheme, and will be effective from 1st April each year. 

2018 Fees:  Weanling – 2yo £50, 3yo – 5yo £100

3.2. For the purpose of defining a horse’s age, Rule REG121.1 of the official handbook of rules and regulations appertaining to the American Quarter Horse Association shall be observed. i.e. the age of a horse shall be computed on the basis of a calendar year starting January 1st of the year foaled. It is a weanling during the calendar year in which it was foaled and a yearling during the first calendar year following its foaling date regardless of the time of year foaled. E.g. a horse foaled in 2011 is considered to be a yearling as of January 1st 2012 and a 2.y.o. as at January 1st 2013.

3.3. All details on the enrolment forms must be completed legibly and include the following:-

1. The Horses Name as recorded with both AQHA and AQHA-UK*

2. The AQHA Registration Number*

3. The AQHA-UK Registration Number*

4. The AQHA-UK Owner’s Membership Number

*In the case of a Foal/Weanling, enrolment form may be completed with sire and dam details until AQHA and AQHA-UK registrations are completed.

Together with [If applicable]

5. A legible copy of any Lease/Loan Agreement

6. A signed and dated letter from the owner indicating clearly the date a Stallion has been gelded (if originally registered as a Stallion)

Together with a cheque made out to AQHA-UK Futurity Account or evidence of payment by other means with the correct fee payable

3.4. Owners will be issued with an Enrolment Certificate including a Change of Ownership/Transfer Form for use if the horse is sold and/or transferred; also included shall be a Change of Address Form. 

3.5. Any Change of Ownership or Address for the registered owner of a horse enrolled on the scheme should be notified by completing a Change of Address form and sent to the Futurity Coordinator.

3.6. When a Stallion is gelded, such a fact should be notified to the Futurity Coordinator immediately. This should be done by providing a written statement from the owner indicating the date the horse was gelded.

4. Late Enrolment

4.1. A ‘Late Enrolment’ is defined as a horse that intends to exhibit at the AQHA-UK Breed/Championship Show and is enrolled after the fee review comes into place on 1st April in the same year.  In order for the horse to be eligible to exhibit at the AQHA-UK Breed/Championship Show the enrolment registration must be received by the Futurity Coordinator before 31st August in that year. 

Example: To show at the 2017 Breed Show a late enrolment is any registration received between 1st April 2019 – 31st August 2019.

4.2. A submitted ‘Late Enrolment’ shall pay the normal required fee as set for that year and then be subject to an additional ‘Late Enrolment Fee’ upon entry to the Futurity classes at AQHA-UK Breed/Championship Show in that year. The ‘Late Enrolment Fee’ shall be equal to 50% of the normal fee and shall be paid in advance when submitting entries for the show as described above.  This additional fee shall cover a £5 administration fee to the AQHA-UK Breed/Championship Show Account and the remainder to the Futurity Deposit Account.

Example: For a 2yo late enrolment, £50 enrolment fee payable with registration plus £25 late enrolment fee payable with futurity show entries.

4.3. Foals/Weanlings that intend to show in the same year that they are born are exempt from a ‘Late Enrolment’ fee but should still ensure registration is submitted before 31st August in that year and Rule 4.4. still applies.

4.4. No ‘Late Enrolments’, without exception, shall be accepted between the 1st September and the date of any AQHA-UK Futurity and /or Maturity Classes held in the same year.  Any horse enrolled during this timeframe shall be ineligible to compete in all AQHA-UK Futurity/Maturity classes for that calendar year.  The same applies for any/all enrolments that are completed incorrectly and not resolved before 1st September.

5. Finances

5.1. All enrolment fees will be allocated to a separate Futurity Fund Account. This fund will be used only for the purposes of providing prize money for the Futurity Scheme.

5.2. The fund will be accounted for separately and interest accrual, profit and/or loss shall be recorded.

5.3. All overheads including administration, publicity, show costs and rosettes will be borne by the Association and Breed/Championship show.

5.4. Each year that the Futurity Scheme is obliged to be held, a figure equivalent to 80% of the total Futurity Fund will be used as a basis for calculation of added prize money. This will ensure a healthy growth of the fund and steadily increasing prize purses.

5.5. A full report of the scheme finances will be made in the Council report to the AGM each year.

6. Entry Fees

6.1. A £25 entry fee per class includes a £15 payback deduction to be added to the prize purse per class.

6.2. The remaining £10 will be allocated to the Futurity Fund Account.

6.3. Scratching of an entry in a Futurity class shall cause the entry fee to be repaid in full only on submission of a valid veterinary certificate.

7. Prize Purses

7.1. The payback element of each entry fee in each Futurity and Maturity class will be allocated to the prize purse for that class. The remaining portion of each entry fee will be paid into the Futurity Fund Account.

7.2. A further sum taken from the Futurity Fund shall be added to the Prize purse for each Futurity class (not Maturity). This sum shall be calculated by taking 80% of the total sum in the fund and dividing it by the total number of present classes that the scheme is obliged to hold.

7.3. Each Maturity class shall benefit from a prize purse made up of the payback element of the entry fees only.

7.4.1 The Prize Purse for each Futurity class shall be awarded as follows:-

1 Entry – 1st Prize Payout – 100% 1st

2 Entries – 1st and 2nd Prize Payouts – 60% 1st, 40% 2nd 

3 – 7 Entries- 1st, 2nd and 3rd Prize Payouts – 50% 1st, 30% 2nd, 20% 3rd 

8 Entries or more – 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Prize Payouts – 45% 1st, 25% 2nd, 20% 3rd, 10% 4th

7.4.2 The Prize Purse for each Maturity class shall be awarded as follows:-

2 Entries – 1st Prize Payout – 100% 1st

3 – 5 Entries – 1st and 2nd Prize Payouts of 60% 1st, 40% 2nd 

6 – 7 Entries – 1st, 2nd and 3rd Prize Payouts of 50% 1st, 30% 2nd, 20% 3rd 

8 or More Entries – 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Prize Payouts of 45% 1st, 25% 2nd, 20% 3rd, 10% 4th 

7.5. Prize money will be paid to the registered owner/s and sent to the registered address as per the Futurity records

7.6.1 In the event of any horse/rider combination being disqualified in either the Futurity and/or Maturity classes: the payback elements of each disqualified competitor shall be allocated across the remaining prize purse. The retained portion of the entry fee shall still be paid into the Futurity Fund Account.

7.6.2 In the event of any horse/rider combination being disqualified the payback elements of the allotted prize monies shall be allocated across the prize purse as per Rule 7.4.- but the percentages and number of payouts will be dependent upon the number of horses placing (not disqualified) rather than the number of entries.

7.7. As per Rule 6.3 – Any scratching of an entry shall cause the payout portion of the entry fee to be allocated to the prize purse and the remaining portion to be allocated to the Futurity Fund UNLESS a valid veterinary certificate is lodged with the Futurity Coordinator and/or Show Secretary NO LATER THAN the completion of the AQHA-UK Breed/Championship Show and if approved, the full entry fee shall be refunded and will therefore not be included in the payout calculations.

7.8. Any allotted prize money (including sponsorship monies) for the Futurity classes not awarded [e.g. no entries in a class] shall be returned to the Futurity Fund.

8. Management Procedures

8.1. A Futurity Coordinator will be appointed by the AQHA-UK Council and be responsible to them for the administration of the Futurity Scheme and the enrolment of horses. This appointment need not necessarily be a current member of AQHA-UK Council.

8.2. Management and accounting of the fund shall be carried out on behalf of AQHA-UK Council by the Futurity Coordinator and the Association Treasurer.

8.3. The Futurity Coordinator will work with Show Management regarding arrangements for the Futurity/Maturity classes and be responsible for ensuring that class entries and results are recorded and kept safe.

8.4. Calculation of added monies allocated from the Futurity Fund will be made by the

Futurity Coordinator and Association Treasurer approved by AQHA-UK Council. After the completion of the AHQA-UK Breed/Championship show the show management will pass to the Futurity Fund all the Futurity and Maturity class entry fees.

8.5. The Futurity Coordinator and the Association Treasurer will be responsible for and issuing of prize cheques.

9. Appeals

9.1. Any member who feels that there has been an error in the management and/or administration of the Futurity scheme should, in the first instance, contact the Futurity Coordinator. If the situation cannot be resolved the matter will be referred to the AQHA-UK Council. If necessary, the Council will appoint an Appeal Panel to adjudicate.

10. Appeals Panel

10.1. An Appeal Panel will consist of three persons appointed by AQHA-UK Council. These persons shall be current members of AQHA-UK. The panel will take into account the views of the appellant, the Futurity Coordinator and any other appropriate parties. The decision of the Appeal Panel will be final

11. Rule Changes

11.1. Changes to these rules may be approved at any AQHA-UK Council Meeting with a minimum of 5 members present but will become effective on an annual basis from 1st April in line with the annual fee review.  Where necessary some alterations may be brought before the membership at the AGM for further approval.

12. Winding Up Of The Scheme

12.1. Classes will continue to run until all enrolled horses are too old for classes as specified at the time winding up was agreed.

12.2. Any sum of money remaining in the Futurity Account after the last class has been held shall be transferred to AQHA-UK’s current account.

13 Dissolution Of The Association

13.1. In the unlikely event of the dissolution of the Association, the AQHA-UK Council shall make arrangements to maintain the separate identity and ongoing existence of the

Scheme and its associated fund and to establish an alternative governing/management body.




Futurity/Maturity Registrations

Key: NLEM – No Longer Eligible Except Maturity              NR – New Owner/Transfer


Pge 1      
Date RegName Of HorseSexF.Y.Current Owner/s
31.03.07NLEMArabis Dancing Brave2004Sheila Fitzpatrick
19.04.07NLEMKay Cee DeneM2005Michael Adams
06.05.07NLEMTinsel Town Chex2004John Mcknight
06.04.07NLEMDrift On DocG2006Brian Hornigold
15.05.07NLEMUnzip The FlareM2004Sue Forrest
19.05.07NLEMSnippnbelles StarM2006Dorothy ColemanNR
29.05.07NLEMMake Me Invited2006Jane Wallace
26.06.07NLEMBRS Gold Stream2004Christine Grieve
26.06.07NLEMSeren Davids WishG2006Sharon Braithwaite
12.06.07NLEMDolls Shiny AveraM2006Carla RozeeNR
15.06.07NLEMJacs Gone In A FlashG2004S Davies/J Lerwill
07.07.07NLEMNics Bright TrainG2002Sheena Parfitt
09.07.07NLEMIma Chocolate LeaguerS2006Lita Pocock
16.07.07NLEMJays Award2004Jo Wilde
20.07.07NLEMChipadee Triple ChargeG2005Pauline Jones Young
20.07.07NLEMSmokin Red Dene2005Henry D Goodrick
22.08.07NLEMWW Mojay SapphireG2004Catherine Wright
22.08.07NLEMWW Zippos Stormy Jay2004Catherine Wright
01.07.07NLEMWhatta Fancy BlazeM2006Adrian Brazier
28.08.07NLEMIma Spoilt SpratG2005Louise Mcintyre
28.08.07NLEMA Sensational Star2006Iain Mcintyre
29.08.07NLEMWaves Of PrestigeS2005Katie Manners
05.09.07NLEMRowley Rich Tea2007Pat Dyke
05.09.07NLEMStardust Baby Doll2006Christine Richards
05.09.07NLEMToys Triple Child2005Judy Bolas
06.04.07NLEMIced TeeS2005Mary Larcom
06.07.07NLEMAcorn Fine And DandyM2006Dorothy Harris
11.09.07NLEMRoulette Lena2004Bob & Chris Mayhew
11.09.07NLEMPukka PeppyM2003Bob & Chris Mayhew
12.09.07NLEMJet Set Leaguer2006Charmian Ward
13.09.07NLEMUnzip My Vest Slowly2006Mary StephensNR
13.09.07NLEMPeppered Matilda2005Jo Turtle
23.09.07NLEMA Demon LeaguerG2006Celia HumanNR
23.09.07NLEMPardon Me Im Shiney2007L E Boon & J Boon
23.09.07NLEMThe Smart CatG2004R & P Marks
23.09.07NLEMWith PizazzG2005Valerie Nalbantian
23.09.07NLEMDural Jaz Blue BuenoS2006Elizabeth BrewingtonNR
29.09.07NLEMJust A Rocket ManG2005Katie BurleyNR
23.09.07NLEMLate Nite InvitationM2004Valerie Nalbantian
25.04.08NLEMHeza Classic FlashG2007Susan Turner
25.04.08NLEMZip To MontanaG2007Mrs J French
25.04.08NLEMMy Best ChinaM2007Mike Adams
25.04.08NLEMQuincys Black TeM2006Sharon Hutley
25.04.08NLEMLeaguers Silver MissG2007Louise WrightNR
29.09.07NLEMJays CentrefoldM2007Tracy Haynes
21.08.08NLEMHowdy Im CoolS2007L/Smerdon/L Ceetham
29.08.08NLEMCheyenne SugarBubbleM2007Andrea Ware
01.09.08NLEMToys Starr DodgerM2007Ann Hughes
08.09.08NLEMA Leaguers DeneS2008David Teideman
23.09.08NLEMCashtasticG2007Rhian PearsonNR
24.09.08NLEMThis Sheiks BlazingM2005Sally Payne
24.09.08NLEMCDMD DecoLadyG2003Gary Howard
01.10.08NLEMRowley Skip CookieM2008Sarah Nutt
01.10.08NLEMCustom RemedyM2004Lita Pocock
04.10.08NLEMCruisins In FashionM2007Elizabeth CurtisNR
10.10.08NLEMSons Showtime NicM2005Emily Darvill
14.11.08NLEMSmart N Spooky NicS2008Caroline Barns
29.12.08NLEMDaisy Cutter LenaM2008Deborah Burns
29.12.08NLEMAll Blue N CruisinS2007Joanne Neal
10.07.09NLEMSandis InterestM2008Sandra Austin
14.08.09NLEMShinin EclipseG2007Cindy Carley
14.08.09NLEMMr DunitS2008Cindy Carley
14.08.09NLEMSmokeys ShininBlondM2008Cindy Carley
21.08.09NLEMLicence To PleaseS2009Carol Winfrow
16.09.09NLEMPeppered MantovaniS2008Jo Turtle
21.09.09NLEMNic A CheckM2008Tara Spatcher
22.09.09NLEMTardees Golden SparkleS2009Babs Treadwell
16.09.09NLEMDancers Last StoryG2008Brian Hornigold
14.12.09NLEMRQH Shiny EnterpriseS2009Richard Allan
14.12.09NLEMJax Be Nimble2009Emma Chandler
14.12.09NLEMRein Again JoeS2009Michelle Fry
14.12.09MLEMCinders ChexM2009Cindy Carley
14.12.09NLEMLeaguers Daisy MaeM2008Brian MidgeleyNR
27.08.10NLEMLeaguerly Hot2008Tanya Rowe
27.08.10NLEMShiny Little Dolly2008Mrs L JoseNR
27.08.10NLEMHeir To A CadyM2005Joyce Ellen Markham
07.09.10NLEMPeppys Banjolena2005Barbara Bell
07.09.10NLEMZero Depth ChargeG2005Fiona Leask
07.12.10NLEMMuy SusieDeneM2010David Teideman
08.12.10NLEMMr CC ChexS2010Cindy Carley
31.11.11NLEMShiny WatchZanG2010Charmian Ward
31.11.11NLEMJusta One Hot TadM2007Christina Cassidy
31.10.11NLEMSmooth Chip Leaguer2006Beth DaviesNR
21.11.11NLEMBarely Whizable2002Chris Keable
21.11.11NLEMMajorLook MajorStare2008Zoe CollinsNR
21.11.11NLEMClassie Jay2006Linda Joynes
21.11.11NLEMWest Coast Jewel2004Jerry Naish
21.11.11NLEMCallmea Krymsunkutie2009Caroline Barnes
31.12.11NLEMJim Dene2011David Teideman
31.12.11NLEMLeaguers In Fashion2010M Graham-Williams
31.01.12NLEMChexin Early2011Marie Gilbert
PNLEMRQH Spook N BanjosF2011Richard Allan
08.08.12NLEMTuff N JayG2008Gillian SloanNR
13.08.12NLEMZip Chip InvitationG2009Christina Cassidy
23.08.12NLEMBlazin Reed2011David Deptford
29.08.12NLEMAll Blues In FashionM2011Joanne Clark
01.09.12NLEMTriple Cee Leaguer2008Jane Carley
03.09.12NLEMMister Smart DualS2008Bruce C LawrenceNR
03.09.12NLEMLJ Classic Luke2000Lindsay Doel
04.09.12NLEMSouthearn Comfort2004Jolie CooperNR
06.09.12NLEMGlow N Shine2010Terry Buxton
11.09.12NLEMZip N All That Jazz2010Andrea Dickens
11.09.12NLEMBlue Moon Leaguer2011Joanne Clark
11.09.12BB Brennasgyrovison2012Stephen Brain
13.10.12Smokin SpooknikM2012Caroline Barnes
24.10.12Heza Tyree N Pep2012Jacqueline Potts
30.10.12Just A Son Of A DunG2012Mark/Lisa Bruin
20.12.12NLEMAll Stars Are BlueG2011Meloney Mason
25.07.13Cruzin to GoldS2012Tim BaxterNR
14.08.13NLEMZippin N ChippinM2005Fiona Powley
14.08.13Santas Shining StarS2012Antonia Jane Hill
27.08.13Mr Lover Lover BBS2012Debbie FlayNR
02.09.13NLEMSparkys StarlightS2008Nigel Crowe
02.09.13NLEMMontana Lucky RoseM2011Fiona Weatherston
06.09.13NLEMJack Te HigginsG2007Rebecca Holt
06.09.13NLEMThis Remedys SmartS2011Angela Mary Lungenmuss
06.09.13Cruz To WinM2012Becky Pocock
06.09.13NLEMOT All Eyes On MeG2008Norma Atherton
02.11.13NLEMIkes Dun SmokinG2008Helen Gough-Stinton
30.11.13NLEMUltimate Shining LilM2008A.J.Gray
30.11.13NLEMKerno KurioM2011Jemma Gunning
10.12.13Adorable AddictionM2013Cheryl Hewson
31.03.14NLEMJust Another JayG2007Karen Shaw
31.03.14Cute N Cruisin JoeG2013Elizabeth Curtis
31.03.14This Is Lil WhizM2013Andrew S Tunnicliffe
30.06.14Mistress ColeenM2013Alison Gray
04.08.14NLEMMebe RageousM2006Anita Bokisch
29.08.14Chex Out My MovezzG2013Colleen Gates
03.09.14NLEMMiss Hollywood JacM2008Patricia Greaves
10.09.14NLEMProtecturinvitationM2010Sara Willis
13.09.14NLEMIma Smooth LeaguerM2007Kirsty Scott
13.09.14Jays Diamond HeiressM2012Karen Coleman
13.09.14NLEMCertainly ImmortalG2011Evelyn Dash
16.08.15Lady SuddenM2013Deborah Burns
16.08.15Jays A CommanderG2014Paul Fisher
16.08.15Fashioned In BlueM2014Joanne Clark
01.09.15Majestic LoperG2013Penny Pendle
01.09.15Consider This ChickM2013Lucy Adams
11.09.15NLEMTyrees Diamond DollyM2010Dawn Garrett
11.09.15NLEMSeans Little Te BoyG2006Mike & Jane Roberts
11.09.15Hot Steppin LeaguerG2013Sally Payne
11.09.15NLEMGet DressedG2007Fiona Howard
11.09.15NLEMAbsolutely AddictingM2002Cheryl Hewson
31.12.15Fifty Shades of JayG2014Jane Lerwill
31.01.16SmokinhotinvestmentG2015Sophie Mead
30/06.16Jacs Dimond NightG2015Anne Hawkins
30.06.16Made Out Of IronG2012Toni Hardesty
23.08.16Lady MagnebellumM2012Carolyn Goodwin
23.08.16Justa One Hot ChipG2014Rosemary Coles
25.08.16NLEMA Pro But ShyG2005Sue Gardner
25.08.16NLEMColonel FergusonG2006Mike & Jane Roberts
30.11.16RQH Dually WhizS2016Richard Allan
30.11.16JaylicicusM2016Lindsay Doel
31.12,16Kernow High ClassS2016Judith Baker
28.02.17Blaze Me A SnipG2016Jill Whiting
28.02.17NLEMToys Golden IsisM2013Charlotte Brandon
30.04.17Dun Cruzin HollywoodS2013Debra Cocklin
30.04.17Chex Out This SlideM2012Jerry Naish
30.04.17Earlies RisingM2016Verity Rollinson
31.05.17Smokin Hot SummerM2015Anthony Rush
NLEMNo Longer Eligible Except Maturity
NRNew Owner/Transfer