As a registered charity, our aim is to promote the
American Quarter Horse breed in the United Kingdom

Our Association is a registered charity

Our Association is a registered charity, as well as the official Affiliate for the UK; we maintain the Breed Registry for the Quarter Horse in this country.

We are an inclusive organisation – everyone is welcome!

We provide practical help and advice for everyone about all aspects of the Quarter Horse.

We encourage all ages to participate and have many retirees as our active riding members. We also encourage youth riders and are always seeking new members to be a part of the Youth World Cup team; we hold clinics and training sessions for all abilities. Many of our current trainers were members of the Youth Squad in the past.

We welcome members and non-members at all our events!

AQHA UK Council

The AQHA UK Council is elected by the members and runs the Association. Council members are volunteers and are not paid, and there are quarterly meetings held, which must be attended.  In addition there is an annual AGM where members are invited to hear about plans, make comments and suggestions and to elect new council members. The Association is a registered charity and therefore is subject to the statutory rules and regulations therein.

We welcome your feedback and suggestions and it is our aim to make the Council members and Directors as accessible as possible. You can email any member by using info@aqha.uk.com

AQHA UK Council and Director’s List

  • Frances Neil – Chair
  • Lucy Adams – International and Welfare
  • Nick Ainley – Communications
  • Alison Bucknell – Education
  • Leigh Cheetham – Shows and Events
  • Sandra Loder – Youth 
  • Ruth O’Reilly – Administration